Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bronze statues - addendum

I just saw this one yesterday. 

This thing is taller than me.

Again I ask you, who the hell is buying these things? Sure, the horse makes more sense than the life-size football player. But this is still a part of town, Chinatown that caters largely to tourists. That means they must ship their 850-lb bronze horse back home to Xenia, Ohio. Who the hell would do that? The fine residents of Xenia shouldn't have to tolerate old "Hi-Ho Bronzer, Away!" on their streets.

But I think I'm beating around the bush and avoiding the real issue here.

There are drugs stuffed up this horse's ass. There's no other explanation. That's how this store can keep a constant flow of giant, tacky bronze statues in and out and shipping all over the world. Yep, drugs up the asses.

Sorry Xenia.

1 comment:

  1. I need a picture of you standing next to a drug-plugged, bronze covered horse and then I need you to cover it in bronze. Pronto. I know you thought I said "Tonto" since you are in the horse frame of mind, but you can re-read and see that I said "pronto."