Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elk City, Oklahoma

Let me begin by saying I had a blast at my buddy's wedding in Elk City. Plenty of good friends, good booze and good fun. 

And there's nothing wrong with the town itself. It's just... Elk City. Maybe I've lived away from Oklahoma for too long, but it seems like every building, semi-truck and t-shirt was a reminder that "Jesus Saves" or "United We Stand".

Here's a sign in the dressing room, where I tried on my tux.

Here are the key cards to our hotel room.

Here was the view from our hotel room. (Not related to the theme, but I thought it was weird to see an indoor putt-putt course from my only window.)

Here's are some children's drawings, on display at the Elk City Denny's. In the first one, notice Satan dragging "Mom" and "Dad" down to hell as they plead for mercy. 

In the second, notice how Native Americans are welcomed into heaven (presumably after converting). 

And finally, here is "Your Best Bet For the Internet". Apparently, that metal pole on top of the building is the nexus of the Internet. 

If you're planning a trip to the capital of the Internet, or just want some colorfully disturbed children's drawings, just remember... It's up to YOU!

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