Friday, January 16, 2009

Cia's legs

My dog Cia (pictured here, ashamed and pitiful) recently had surgery on both her hind legs to fix her kneecaps, which had been coming out of socket. She had to wear casts for about a week. And the casts had to be neon green. Actually, they probably could've been much less conspicuously-colored, but nonetheless they were bright, attention-grabbing, neon green. 

She's out of the casts and healing nicely now, but when she wore them my wife and I got a lot of questions as we took her on slow walks through the crowded SOMA streets. I started to make up stories, as is my custom, for why my dog had two neon green casts on her legs. 

One story I would tell was that she had her legs broken by the dog mafia after not paying back the Doggfather. Then, I'd say "Just kidding!" and give myself a courtesy laugh, since almost no one else found it funny. 

Then Cia and I would split a pumpkin sandwich and hastily end our walk. 

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