Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday Bowl

at the Holiday Bowl
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Jill and I made it to the Pacific Life (let's see if they send me a check for including the sponsor name) Holiday Bowl on Dec. 30th. We were down in SoCal anyway, so it was an easy drive. The result of the game wasn't as easy. The Pokes lost to the Ducks (clad in their usual space alien uniforms) 42-31. Good game, fun to watch, but losing sucks. To make myself feel better, I've included a list of excuses below:

- The injury to Dez Bryant's leg. (He owned their secondary in the first half, before he apparently stepped on a soft shell crab while trying to pivot. After that, he pretty much hobbled the rest of the game.)
- The injury to Zac Robinson's brain. (He took a huge shot, and wasn't the same afterward. He was skipping passes off the turf, and looked a little bewildered out there. I think I even saw him propose to Pistol Pete during one timeout, but I can't be sure.)
- Jill not drinking enough.
- Gundy not drinking enough.
- The Ducks being the superior team. (This one's a little farfetched.)

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