Tuesday, January 13, 2009

music - Moonbeams by Throw Me the Statue

We all know the ancient Greeks were athletic and careless. What you may not know is that Alexandros of Antioch sculpted the Venus de Milo on his rooftop. So when he had finished it, arms and all, he needed to get it to the ground somehow. Luckily, that's when his buddy Reggie stood below him and yelled "Throw Me the Statue!"

Two hundred and thirteen short decades later, this band was born. Throw Me the Statue is the latest and greatest alt rock group to come of out Seattle, a city that has somehow managed to stay on the cutting edge of music while enduring year after year of brutal rain and Birkenstocks.

Truly original and smart, Throw Me the Statue is great music for a classy cocktail party or an ironically-themed parole hearing. 

Here's the video for their single Lolita.

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