Friday, July 24, 2009

shameless self-promotion

I know, I know. You've probably begun to feel the effects of Lack of Dan. It's not serious, but it is, conversely, quite serious. Seeing as I haven't posted for over a month, I'm injecting some much-needed Vitamin-D into this blog.

So I'm providing a couple links to websites I've worked that have gone live on the past month. That's right. Shameless self-promotion. But I think you'll enjoy your web experiences.

This is a site featuring some back-to-school phones for high schoolers. Click on the thumbs in headbands to give your fingers a "full QWERTY workout" (not as easy as you might think). Check it:

And this one is a site for Foster Farms, who is proud of the fact that their chickens aren't "plumped", meaning they aren't injected with saltwater to make them weigh more and cost more at the market. So given that rather obscure tidbit we had to convey, we developed a website where... two chickens hold a conversation about plumping. But before you drift off to sleep pondering the possibilities, give the link a click. I think it turned out well:

Ah... It's good to be back.

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