Thursday, April 15, 2010

walkin' for CF part 2: "the sequel: my billion dollar anti-CF crusade: part 2"

Hey guys.

Many of you will remember that I participated in a walk to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research last year. And thanks largely to you, my friends, I raised a ton of money. The most of any individual walker. Basically, I punched CF in the nuts. It felt great.

This year, on May 1st, I plan to do even better, eclipsing the dreams of my wildest expectations.

You will notice the "website" below says my goal is to raise $1,000. That's blatant false lying! The truth is, my goal is (pause for drama)... One. Billion. Dollars.

Yes, that is terrifically ambitious. And impossible. But I believe in aiming for the impossible. Otherwise, we'll never reach the really high, but still possible. Jules Verne didn't call his novel "From The Earth To Slightly Above The Earth". He imagined a voyage all the way to the Moon! Fast forward a century and: Bam. Armstrong.

See what I'm saying? My goal is equally Vernesque. It might seem crazy to try to increase my donation total from last year by 50,000,000%. But dammit. It's crazy to let this CF, this disease, continue strutting around unchecked! It affects 30,000 people in this country, my nephew among them. And I don't know about you, but no pansy little disease is gonna push my family around.

So help me in my effort to walk a 5k, reach one billion dollars, and in the process, totally humiliate an entire disease.

Read more about CF here>>
See a cute photo of my nephew here>>

And seriously. Thanks.
Your pal,

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