Thursday, April 2, 2009

beige cartoons

I have a condition known as WADD, Web Attention Deficit Disorder. I don't talk about it much. But yes, I've got WADD. 

It basically means I fixate on one sexy, new website. Then I quickly lose interest and move on to the next hot, young website. I promise it's not as disgusting as it sounds.

But recently, I discovered how to make rudimentary videos on this site.

And despite my crippling WADD, I stayed on the site for more than 13 seconds. I even made a few videos. Check them out here: 


  1. Dan, the preflight announcement cartoon is hilarious. I actually sat next to a lady the other day who asked me how to work her seat belt. When I thought about it, it made sense...airplane seatbelts are stupid. I'm also really hoping you dress like that at home

  2. WADD-
    Make more videos!! PLEASE DO IT NOW