Wednesday, April 8, 2009

keyboard drum set

The title of this post should really read "keyboard drum set/synthesizer", but I prefer brevity and loathe slashes. Damn all slashes to hell!

So... I like drums, beats, percussion, rhythm and repetition. And repetition. And old jokes. My drum set at home is my favorite toy (just ask my wife, who bought it for me, then immediately regretted it, but you get what you pay for baby, and last time I checked, love ain't on sale). But I never thought I'd be able to use my computer's keyboard as my very own rhythm section. 

Enter this strange, little site. It assigns a drum or synthesized sound to each key. All you do is figure out which ones you want to use, and away you go. (Spoiler alert: the M key is George Michael yelling "Damn!")

It's the next best thing to not being a huge nerd!


  1. I really dont think I can handle you getting hooked on another "fun little website." I am beginning to feel about Ted the way I feel about Kenny Powers. Dont take Ted away from me- just because another cute little website has caught your eye. Ted's thong has only made me love her more and I must see more videos. Please??? Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. oh, heart-shaped-shat. I just noticed your head is poking out of that window. For some reason it looks like you opened the window with your head and that makes it extra funny...