Friday, April 17, 2009

music - Cave Singers

Just caught these guys opening for Dr. Dog at the Fillmore last night. Great show by both bands. No surprise from Dr. Dog, whose live shows have been much heralded in the blogosphere.

But I was surprised at the Cave Singers, with their sparse rhythms and impressive, almost evil finger-picking on the guitar. They channeled something. The show was last night, and I downloaded the Cave Singers album "Invitation Songs" this morning. 

Really interesting stuff. And I don't mean "interesting" as in: 
"How do you like my Crocs, Gwyneth?" 

I mean that the Cave Singers are from Seattle, and they're trying for an original, low-key yet intense sound that's very interesting. Could easily be the music stoners sit around discussing in hushed tones, but could also fit as party music for some friends who crave cool, new artists.

Check out the standout tracks "Helen" and "Dancing On Our Graves". Then, and only then, will I allow you to have a good weekend. 

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